The Herefordshire Sustainable Food and Tourism Partnership was formed in 2014 as a merger between the Herefordshire Sustainable Food Partnership and a new, grassroots led, tourism group.

The Partnership’s Terms of Reference are to:

  • Provide strategic oversight for the development and implementation of a sustainable strategy and action plan for Food & Tourism in the County of Herefordshire.
  • Link with key strategic bodies and organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors to promote a sustainable food and tourism strategy and its implementation.
  • Develop collaborative food and tourism actions/activities that act as a ‘showcase’ for authentic, real and genuine ‘experiences that delight’ the consumer.
  • Integrate consumers with the local economy, and enhance their health and well-being; whether they are visitors to the County or those living and/or working in Herefordshire.

It is a coalition of key individuals, organisations and networks committed to providing strategic oversight including consultants, private businesses, the Duchy of Cornwall, National Farmers Union, Visit Herefordshire, Herefordshire Rural Hub, the Rural and Farming Network, Herefordshire Council and the Bulmer Foundation.

Meeting Notes:


September 2019: HSFTP Minutes 23rd September 2019

July 2019:  HSFTP Minutes 24th July 2019

January 2019:  HSFTP_Meeting_Notes_21st_January_2019


November 2018:  HSFTP_Meeting_Notes_November_2018

September 2018:  HSFTP_Meeting_Notes_12th_September_2018

July 2018:  HSFTP_Meeting_Notes_9th_July_2018_Site_Visit

May 2018:  HSFTP_Meeting_Notes_8th_May_2018

March 2018:  HSFTP_Meeting_Notes_19th_ March_ 2018

January 2018:  HSFTP_Meeting_Notes_8th_January_2018


November 2017: HSFTP_Meeting_Notes_20th_November _2017

September 2017: HSFTP Meeting_Notes_1st_September_2017

May 2017:  HSFTP Meeting Notes 26th May 2017

March 2017:  HSFTP_Meeting_Notes_10th_March_2017

January 2017: HSFTP Meeting Notes 9th January 2017


November 2016: HSFTP_ Meeting_Notes_7th_November-2016

September 2016: HSFTP_Meeting_Notes_2nd_September_2016

April 2016: HSFTP Meeting Notes 18th April 2016

February 2016: HSFTP Meeting Notes 19th February 2016


Annual Report: HSFTP Annual Report 2015

December 2015: HSFTP Meeting Notes 18th December 2015

August 2015:  HSFTP Meeting Notes 12th August 2015

April 2015:  HSFTP Meeting Notes 20th April 2015

March 2015:  HSFTP Meeting Notes 13th March 2015

January 2015:  HSFTP Meeting Notes 19th January 2015


Annual Report:  HSFTP Annual Report 2014

December 2014:  HSFTP Meeting Notes 2nd December 2014

October 2014:  HSFTP Meeting Notes 9th October 2014

August 2014:  HSFTP Meeting Notes 26th August 2014

June 2014:  HSFTP Meeting Notes 10th June 2014

April 2014:  HSFTP Meeting Notes 25th April 2014

March 2014:  HSFTP Meeting Notes 26th March 2014

February 2014:  HSFTP Meeting Notes 21st February 2014

January 2014:  HSFTP Meeting Notes 8th January 2014



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